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spam on iSpot

We've been targeted by someone posting lots of spam comments over the last day or two. Thanks to everyone who used the "Report as inappropriate" link to highlight the problem, and the offending individuals have now been removed from iSpot.

We're grateful to all our genuine users for your continued vigilance in helping us keep iSpot focused on wildlife!



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Is it possible for iSpot to automatically delete all their postings rather than each one having to be reported as spam individually?

David Howdon

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more on spam

To answer David's question, iSpot does usually delete all the posts from a particular spam user, once that user has been detected. So there isn't any need to report every single post from the same user name. However, the banning of a spam account (and consequent deletion of all posts from that account) is a manual operation, so it can take a short time between spam being reported and one of the moderators taking action. Unfortunately, in that short time a dedicated spammer can post a lot of comments on iSpot.

A further side-effect of spam activity is that the 'Changes' list in your My Spot area may contain a large number of spurious changes. These will show up as links to "Comments added by others" or "Forum Topics" that, when followed, do not show any actual changes (because they have been deleted). We are actively seeking a way of dealing with the problem of the spurious changes and will post another news item when this has been resolved.

Note that the 2 change lists for "Identifications added by others" and "Identifications agreed with by others" have NOT been affected by spam and work normally.

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