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Phaeophyscia endophoenicea, Shepherd's Close

Observed: 9th May 2012 By: martinjohnbishopmartinjohnbishop’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmartinjohnbishop’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmartinjohnbishop’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmartinjohnbishop’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Growing on an ash tree trunk about 1 m above the ground.


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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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More checking

I am reasonably confident that my identification is correct. As far as I know it is unknown in East Anglia, but I see that the location is actually in the geographical (as distinct from political) county of Huntingdonshire (in biological recording terms in Huntingdon vice-county), and on the west side at that. This places the record not too far from a central English record on the NBN. I suspect it is spreading.

I apologise, by the way, for the awful photograph on my website. I now have better, so sometime in the present millenium I may get around to replacing it.

Note that in absence of scale, photographs of this can be confused with the much more common Hyperphyscia adglutinata, which has rather similar, conspicuously green soralia, but which is a distinctly smaller species with lobe tips very tightly appressed to the substrate surface.


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I have added the scale to the

I have added the scale to the close up photograph. The substrate is an ash tree. The habitat is described at
The position is from a GPS device attached to the camera and is probably accurate to within 5 m. I could not see a colour change of the medulla with NaOH, although I now notice one purple spot in the latest picture added. May I send you a sample?

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Yes, OK

Actually I would like to see a sample, for my own peace of mind. I have realised that I have another collection of my own, from near Norwich, that needs checking, so it would be good to look at both together. The colour reaction is very precise, it must be the lower medulla that is checked, dunno if NaOH can substitute for KOH in this case.

Material must be sent dry, address as on my website.

This not a general offer to be a lichen referee - other folk please do NOT send me stuff. I already have a major backlog of my own material, not to mention eyebrights in my capacity as BSBI referee to same.