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Beetle for id please

Observed: 6th May 2012 By: foxyfoxy’s reputation in Invertebratesfoxy’s reputation in Invertebratesfoxy’s reputation in Invertebratesfoxy’s reputation in Invertebrates

This coppery green beetle was found running over open ground on cutover bog in sunshine today . About 12-13mm long ,coppery green electra, base of antennae red/brown .

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Nice beetle John, not one I

Nice beetle John, not one I know but Im sure it can be got to species with that pic, good quality picture.


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Ground Beetle

If you check out John Walters wedsite, you can find some id guides free to download. The Poecilus guide is number 10 on the list.

Regards Chris...

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I agree with you Christian, but could you add the identification again, giving the genus just as "Poecilus" (without the "sp"), as this will make the links on iSpot work better.

In general on iSpot it is always best to pick the genus (or species) straight off the dropdown list, and not add "sp" or anything else to it.

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Thanks Chris ,

Only 2 Poecilus species in Ireland according to this site,
P .versicolour looks more likely given habitat and activity .Thanks for link as well.


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Thanks Catal for the kind words , more luck than talent I"m afraid ,missed my main target of the day (ground nesting bee )while doing this ;(