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Observed: 6th May 2012 By: LordMuzzyLordMuzzy’s reputation in BirdsLordMuzzy’s reputation in BirdsLordMuzzy’s reputation in Birds

Female. Had set my stall out for insects so only had my macro lens for this shot but still quite pleased with it.

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Lovely picture! I ALWAYS

Lovely picture! I ALWAYS have the wrong lens!

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I think it is

the naturalist's equivalent of Murphy's Law (a.k.a. the Law of Maximum Cussedness) - all the wildlife out there is just waiting for you to swap lenses, before coming out and posing, chuckling quietly.

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Thanks, I always end up

Thanks, I always end up thinking 'If only I'd brought XXX lens I would have got a fantastic shot!' It's never the lens you need....