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Pair of Goldfinches

Observed: 14th March 2010 By: Julie Northey
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Red white and black head markings yellow wing band beige and white body

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They are beautiful birds.

Thank you for sharing this photograph, I don't think I have ever seen a Goldfinch.


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A beautiful picture.

Can I echo the above comments ,while I have between 5-6 at my feeders I have never been able to photograph them in such a good profile,well done!



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Goldfinches - Warwickshire

I saw a pair of goldfinches this morning with a plump juvelile 'in tow', they were eating the just fattening flower buds of my wisteria! but they are so attractive im just glad it feeds them. The wisteria, honeysuckle, vine mass that covers a wall is currently great habitat for a gaggle of house sparrows. This makes me happy because Sparrows are a declining species in my lifetime.

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Excellent photo. We sometimes have them on our feeder, sadly less often now that the housing development is finished, and the semi-derelict land they lived in has mostly gone.

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Although the face mask tends to be larger in males, it is an imprecise way to sex the species, so better label the birds as two, rather than pair.
They also nest late - often waiting until June, so young at this time of year is exceedingly unlikely. The males have just started to sing here in Leicestershire, but small parties are still around.
They are common and are far more often seen than is realised - they have a bouncing, jerky flight and usually call as they fly. The call is a high-pitched jangling twitter.
The nest is tiny but densely woven, so nonetheless very robust. It is typically placed 2-4m high at the very end of a very thin branch/twig, only just below the leaf-cover of a tree.

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This is an absolutely fantastic photograph! Thank you for sharing them. I know someone who gets lot's of Goldfinches on their feeder, they live in Woking.

Amazing photo!