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Parasitic wasp

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Seen emerging from a burrow (belonging to a solitary bee?)It looks like a ruby-tailed wasp, but the red thorax doesn't match the photos I've seen. Seen by newly created heathland at the RSPB's HQ, The Lodge

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Ruby-tailed wasp

Yes, it's a ruby-tailed wasp. Some of these are fiendishly difficult to identify, and I can't do any more than guess at it, but your photos do seem a good match for the female of Hedychrum niemalai as photographed by Keith Balmer on the BWARS website:

However, there may be other species that look similar, I don't know the group well enough to be sure.

If it is Hedychrum niemalai then it is a parasitoid of solitary wasps in the genus Cerceris. The ruby-tail will lay its eggs in the burrows of the host wasp, and the ruby-tail's larva will prey on the host egg or larva and then eat the food which was intended for the host larva.

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Thanks very much I made a bet

Thanks very much
I made a bet that someone would be able to ID it within the week!


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