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Observed: 25th April 2012 By: William Richmond
DSC00702 - 2

We have a number of bird feeders which attract at times some 20 small birds and also 2 red squirrels. Unfortunalely a "sparrow hawk" also visits and plucks the small birds off the feeders. We are concerned that the " hawh" will also take the squirrels. We are looking at feeders with cages round to protect the small birds but do not want to prevent the squirrels from feeding
IS there any suggestions on this problem. I had thought about one of these feeder stands and covering it with a reasonabilly open wite nettein with space on the ground for the squirrels to enter.

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Squirrel Feeders

The globe bird feeders will probably prevent the squirrels from using them, why not invest in some squirrel feeders. They are fairly cheap or make one yourself based on what you see. We have a feeder in the garden where the squirrels have to lift a lid to get the walnuts, which they do with ease.