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Pink Sea Fern

Observed: 3rd May 2012 By: ranon.2011ranon.2011’s reputation in Plantsranon.2011’s reputation in Plantsranon.2011’s reputation in Plantsranon.2011’s reputation in Plants
03.05.2012 Pink Sea Fern
03.05.2012 Pink Sea Fern (2)

Bright pink seaweed; could be a sea fern.

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I think this MIGHT be a little too bright for Comb Weed.
See mine http://www.ispotnature.org/node/376096
where the top two pictures are doubtful and may be replaced soon.
Obviously a closer view is necessary.

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It is interesting that this

It is interesting that this has not yet been identified, as it is always being washed up on the beach after choppy seas.

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common reds

Robert, do not despair. It is a very interesting group but needs close-to view to be more positive.
A x10 eye-glass resolves enough detail to get the group right.

I was not casting too much doubt really, I have enough of that with mine - which have too MANY close ups!
Rosie is quite possibly right but it cannot be guessed from the colour nor, necessarily, the flatness of the stem - I have found!
Looking at the original of yours, it may show that it has 'branchlets' coming off both sides of 'branches' - that might rule out Comb Weed. But I am discovering that it can be variable.
As you say it is a common colour and structure - so collect some more and take some pictures THROUGH a x10 hand lens - always worth an experiment.

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OK Derek, It makes sense for

OK Derek, It makes sense for me to bring a sample back next time I found some and I can use my macro on a tripod and that should do the trick.

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That would be good. I would

That would be good. I would be very interested to know which species it is.