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Unknown snail

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big shell for a little snail.. about 5-7mms shell size

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Please can you say where it

Please can you say where it was found; the substrate is natural?

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Balea heydeni von Maltzan,

Balea heydeni von Maltzan, 1881 (Pulmonata: Clausiliidae): an overlooked but widely distributed European species
Author: admin on 20 November 2011
Balea (Balea) heydeni was originally described by von Maltzan (1881) on the basis of material from Portugal. Since that time this species has either been completely overlooked or regarded as a synonym of Balea (B.) perversa. However, the two species may occur sympatrically, clearly demonstrating their specific distinctness, a conclusion also supported by molecular phylogenetic data. Comparative descriptions of the two species are given here, together with illustrations of a newly designated neotype for
Balea (B.) perversa and a lectotype of Balea (B.) heydeni. It is hoped that this taxonomic clarification will stimulate further
research. The distribution of B. heydeni is as yet poorly known but it occurs on the Azores and the Madeiran archipelago (Porto Santo),from where it has for many years been reported incorrectly as B. (B.) perversa. Elsewhere B. heydeni has been recognized from Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Britain and Ireland.

Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Clausiliidae, Balea, Azores, Madeira, W Europe
Volume: 39
Page from: 145

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will it was seen in woodland, hazel coppice, some oak, beech.. very damp lots bluebells, dogs mercury.. the actual image was on a canvas tent


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They usual live on tree

They usual live on tree trunks and browse on algae and lichens.

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short experience

My rather weak experience, here (in Orkney), is that they (heydeni that is) are rare(ish) on trees and more frequent in the walls. And they also seemed solitary rather than social, often quite separate from Clausilia bidentata.
I am pleased with my foray into, largely ignored, old posts of mini-snails and hope that anyone else coming here will pick up Comments in all the posts to be found by searching for Balea and Clausilia.