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Lichen zt

Observed: 3rd May 2012 By: pf339
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Lichen zt

Light grey crustose lichen with areolate thallus growing on wooden bench in chalk hills woodland. ‘Jam tart’ fruits, with black convex middles (some brown in a few fruit middles in lower half of image) and light grey thalline borders. Possibly Lecanora campestris (sometimes on acidic wood mentioned on ‘irishlichens’ site).


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An apology to Jenny

I have realised that the reference to 'irishlichens' is to Jenny's site.

Checking her text I see she does say "also found on nutrient-enriched acidic wood". I am not sure that nutrient-enriched wood is likely to be still acidic, at least not in this case where cation enrichment will be involved, but the key point is she does specify nutrient-enriched. Consequently I have no issue with her text.

Situations where nutrient enrichment can allow normally saxicolous (rock dwelling) species to grow on wood are where the wood is impregnated with wind-blown dust, or coastal sites affected by spray, and I have also seen a good collection of saxicolous species on wooden railings exactly where a walkway passed under a viaduct and water would drip after rain.

The wood in the photograph shows no sign of any other saxicolous species, so I don't think L. campestris is a possibility, even if it didn't look more like L. pulicaris anyhow.


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My omission: I didn't give the full information I had seen (and I am increasingly realising that the detail is crucial). Apologies.

Continue to be grateful for all the information people share when clarifying identifications and the huge amount of help people have made available through access to their lichen websites.

Again, apologies and thanks.

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Thanks for correction

Thanks Alan (and Phil) for spotting that - I'd got the words 'rocks' and 'wood' the wrong way round in that bit of text and its now corrected.

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Ah ...

Ah yes, that makes sense now.

On the subject, Jenny, your index links to L. saligna and L. rupicola appeared to be reversed when I was consulting your site last week.

(currently trying to make sense of the Xanthoparmelia pulla group and thinking I should take up something easier, like particle physics)

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More thanks

Glad you spotted that one, that's now fixed.
I'm considering taking up train-spotting ....!