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Abraham-Isaac-Jacob : Trachystemon orientalis

Observed: 8th April 2010 By: rcscorerrcscorer’s reputation in Plantsrcscorer’s reputation in Plantsrcscorer’s reputation in Plants

In wet ditch against south facing wall ?garden escape

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Borage Family?

I am 'as sure as I can be ' that this is TRACHYSTEMON ORIENTALIS - 'Abraham-Isaac-Jacob'.
It is very similar to Borage BUT (after doing some homework) I think it would be uncommon to find Borage flowering so early in a wet ditch - it is more usually found on waste, rough ground and does not usually flower before May.
This plant has distinctly rolled back corolla lobes and calyx divided only half way to the base. In Borage the calyx is divided 'nearly to the base' (Stace)