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Lichen zo i

Observed: 1st May 2012 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Lichen zo i
Lichen zo ii

Green foliose lichen growing on deciduous tree. Lobes look inflated, lobe ends look a bit like inflated fingers of rubber gloves.Surface of lobes appears rough in places. (Images not good as low light level.) Looks like soredia on some tips of lobes. Possibly Hypogymnia tubulosa. (Or possibly Hypogymnia physodes)


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I agree with first ID

Young material, so inevitably tricky, but the out of focus lobes on the left hand side do seem to be developing distinctly capitate soralia, the lobe surfaces do seem to me minutely rough in places and NOT lustrous [LOL, someone's been reading my website!], and they are tending to be narrow and convex in places. On balance, I think tubulosa.


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Oh well...

Not lustrous then? I could soon fix that in Photoshop.

"Someone's been reading my website" - guilty as charged. Thanks, by the way, for the new Cladonia pages and the Ramalina capitata that I will be lucky to ever see - all great additions.

And sorry, Phil.


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Many thanks once again to both of you for your help with all of the identifications and for the information and pointers focusing on key aspects.
(Apologies again for the images in this case - with the limited light I needed some sky in the picture for the camera to respond so ended up with only oblique views.)