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Somerset Orchid

Observed: 1st July 2010 By: fritmanfritman’s reputation in Plantsfritman’s reputation in Plants
Somerset Orchid

Found nearly two years ago by side of pool at Priddy Mineries

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It surely must be a marsh

It surely must be a marsh orchid (in part at least) with these erect sepals and stout spur. The lip is not lobed like typical HSO.



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Somerset Orchid

I agree with Syrphus about the spade shape lip without any lobe - which suggested to me that it was a Marsh of some sort. Suppose it could be a Marsh/Heath hybrid.


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In the case of Dactylorhiza

In the case of Dactylorhiza it is best to look at a population not an individual. This may give more confidence about what is going on in terms of hybridization. A place to revisit in June?

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Early Marsh x Heath Spotted Orchid

The flowers have the distinctive raised lateral sepals ( that look like donkey ears ), a tight hood and the
folded lip of Early Marsh Orchids and the pale pink colour would suggest D. incarnata.incarnata as it is the only pink subspecie
However this would normally have loop markings on the lip as well as the dots.
So it may be a hybrid with a Heath Spotted Orchid which usually has dot markings ( although it can have lines as well ).
The flowers do not have the lip shape of Heath Spotted orchids - no triangular centre lobe so it is not an actual Heath Spotted.

It looks like mostly Early Marsh Orchid ss.incarnata x a bit of Heath Spotted.

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Somerset Orchid

Many thanks to you all for the trouble you have gone to in trying to ID this attractive flower. I do find orchid identification very difficult, I wish the copious books/pamphlets etc. were more helpful - there seem to be so many hybrids/sub species.


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you are right, have looked

you are right, have looked closer, no heath spotted lip shape. I hang my head in shame.

Tim Rich