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Observed: 10th April 2010 By: afishwishafishwish’s reputation in Invertebratesafishwish’s reputation in Invertebrates
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As I opened the back door this morning this big black spider fell onto the floor. I think he was coming to the end of his life as he hardly moved when I scooped him up and put him in the garden, however he isn't there anymore.

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Spider Bite

Thankfully, I scooped it up with a dustpan and brush:

'A sharp and painful bite; felt like a deep injection and caused quite a shock. However, after six hours the pain subsided.'


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Where's Heavytree?

Where's Heavytree? S.florentina is recorded from south of a line connecting the Bristol Channel to the Thames Estuary. The web is the best photo for ID as it clearly shows the radiating 'fishing lines' extending from the tube. Glad to hear you survived!


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Dick, to see the location you can click on the blue link above, where it says "Heavitree". This takes you to a Google map for the location, which in this instance is shown to be an area near Exeter, so presumably within the known range?

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Definitely within the range

Hi Dick,

I did survive, but my husband got bitten a couple of weeks later by another one. Looking at all the tunnel webs in our brick work I think there are quite a few of them around.