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Not for the squeamish

Observed: 30th April 2012 By: stephenmidstephenmid’s reputation in Birdsstephenmid’s reputation in Birdsstephenmid’s reputation in Birds

This was not why I put out bird feeders! Possibly a sparrowhawk was responsible. (No it's not tomato ketchup.)


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Looks too purple for blood.

Pretty sure it is a copious,wet dropping from a bird sitting on top of the feeder.
The bird has been feeding on red or purple berries ,e.g.ivy

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Blood or poop

I think that it is blood as there were some feathers under the feeder as well, but that could have been coincidence.


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YES I agree

I think a blackbird might have been eating the berries from the Mahonia,that's in the photo'.

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Mahonia in the Background

I agree with notpop. I think a bird possibly blackbird has been eating the berries from Mahonia plant. Although I think it might have pooped whilst flying or sitting on the "washing" line.
I think it is too purple to be blood.
Sparrow Hawk have killed & eaten in our garden Left No blood only plucked out feathers of their kill.

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I agree

I agree with notpop, that's a lot of blood for a small bird and for the 'blood' to have done that, the predator would've needed to crush the bird on impact, which wouldn't happen. Definitely poop!