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Debatable Dove

Observed: 30th April 2012 By: jccurdjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birds

Having witnessed a fascinating exchange over Rock Dove Euston, yesterday I came up with a confusing one of my own.
This looks to me exactly like a pristine Rock Dove (Columba livia) as illustrated in my 2001 edition of Collins Bird Guide. My difficulty is that it's strutting its stuff in the middle of the country, Bedfordshire to be precise, which is not, according to the same guide, within the Rock Dove's range. Nor is it its classic habitat. (This is actually in an old tarmac plant used to construct the M1 - industrial wasteland but I can't say that in iSpot).
Feral pigeon seems to be another annoying critter with the same binomial name but this doesn't look very feral to me, though I suppose it could be a cross with the Rock Dove's genes winning hands down. Instead, it looks rather neat and textbook ... except for being in the wrong place.
Let battle commence!

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Rock Dove

Some Feral Pigeons look identical to the wild Rock Doves which you see on the north coast of Scotland, and this seems to be an example. They are actually very smart birds, aren't they? Feral Pigeon has to be the answer, though, I think, in your location.


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Thanks ...

... that's pretty much the logic I applied (1st time for everything!) and what I thought must be the case.

I'm usually pretty dismissive of pigeons but I looked harder this time when I noticed the missing white patch of a Wood Pigeon.

I'll pay more attention from now on.