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Unknown plant

Observed: 27th April 2012 By: banstiebanstie’s reputation in Plantsbanstie’s reputation in Plantsbanstie’s reputation in Plants
Unknown plant
Unknown plant
Unknown plant

About 2ft tall. Help with ID would be appreciated. I can't think of a name with which to start searching iSpot or EOL.

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Dandelions do not branch at the top of the stem!!


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See above


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Hawk's Beard

Well that's all the Hawk's Beard's, which one ?

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Hawks beard

Is there anything I could look at more closely to help with ID?

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If you are able to visit the

If you are able to visit the plant when it has set seed, then the achenes are distinctive. See key in Stace p. 717-718 and Fig. 719.
See also the celebrated Plant Crib offline p. 289. for those genera that are online.