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Broken my Duck.

Observed: 30th April 2012 By: jccurdjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebrates

Finally, on my third trip to nearby Duck End NR in search of 2012's elusive damselflies, there had been some very rare sun and quite a bit of emergence. I spotted ten.
One year, I'm going to remember just how small a Large Red Dam is. :D
Game on!

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Well done John, I saw two on the wing today, not LRD but couldn't get near them.

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Still only LRDs here, I think

I had an email from the county recorder and, up to this last weekend, there had been but two sightings in Beds and both were LRDs. This is the lowest count of observations and species he's ever witnessed (5 year record). Not a good start to the year.

Any idea what yours might have been? I know that Westhay produced some Variable and Blue-tailed Dams last week.

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A feeling

I think they were Blue-tailed, if I had to name them.