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Observed: 7th April 2010 By: foxyfoxy’s reputation in Invertebratesfoxy’s reputation in Invertebratesfoxy’s reputation in Invertebratesfoxy’s reputation in Invertebrates

A long winged insect 15-16mm long with antennae about 12mm extra flew in warm sun and alighted on window of tractor.

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Order Plecoptera

I had no idea what this was but, looking up something else (not even a fly), I stumbled on a picture of an animal just like it in 'Complete British Insects' by M Chinery, typifying the Order.

If I had to go for one of the pictures in the above book, I'd say it most resembled Leuctra hippopus but these beasties look pretty tough to identify authoritatively.

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Leuctra hippopus.

What a sharp eye you have ! this looks very like what I observed,the book says near stony streams of which there aren"t any within 1800-1900 meters,although there is a small seasonal pond nearer.



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not Leuctra

I'm afraid it's not Leuctra hippopus, as that is in family Leuctridae, which doesn't have the characteristic X-shape in the veins towards the end of the wing. We're definitely in family Nemouridae here. There are about a dozen species in family Nemouridae, and to tell them apart really needs a good close-up view of the underside of the tip of the abdomen.

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