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Observed: 28th January 2012 By: Graeme
The Anton River Conservation Association
Graeme’s reputation in Fungi and LichensGraeme’s reputation in Fungi and LichensGraeme’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Fungi 28.4.12.Pilgrims Way
Fungi 28.4.12.Pilgrims Way.2
Fungi 28.4.12.Pilgrims Way.3
Fungi 28.4.12.Pilgrims Way.4
Fungi 28.4.12.Pilgrims Way.5

Quite a few of these fungi coming up in new-ish grass area of estate. This patch seems to have a lot of different fungi on it since planting


No identification made yet.

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Cporinus impatiens might be a

Coprinus impatiens might be a possibility, it normally grows in leaf litter under beech trees, perhaps this was the habitat before the estate?

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Not sure of the habitat

Not sure of the habitat before unfortunatly. It has wildflower come up in the patch like yarrow, common stork's bill,melilot and a variety of fungi throughout the year. Its an odd patch as the council normally just throws down commercial grass seed

Graeme Davis