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Nomada 2
Nomada 3
Nomada 5
Nomada 4

Small bee (c. 11mm) reddish/orange with yellow stripes

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This individual has reddish eyes. I have seen at least one specimen with greenish eyes. Perhaps there is a sex difference; seeing both colours at a given location would then raise the chance of it supporting a breeding pair.

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Eye colour

Yes - female Nomada often have reddish eyes and males greenish. Don't know how reliable this is to use as a "rule" though. Also, females have 12 antennal segments and males 13. Again, these can be difficult to differentiate and count, particularly the basal ones. Males often tend to be slightly smaller too, and with hairier faces.

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Added two more photos that show the antenna in better detail, I think there are 12 segments (I assume you don't count the rounded ball like section that makes the joint with the head as a segment). This has been the only specimen I've seen this year, I have photo's of two individuals from last year and their eyes were reddish in both cases, but the photo's are not clear enough to count the segments on the antenna.