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What Kind of Seaweed?

Observed: 27th April 2012 By: Lucy CorranderLucy Corrander’s reputation in PlantsLucy Corrander’s reputation in PlantsLucy Corrander’s reputation in Plants

Yellow bladders of seaweed about an inch long, the shape of chilli peppers. Little raised dots (the dots to do with texture, not different colour). Fixed to sea-washed rock.

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Horned wrack

If it is a brackish estuarine habitat have a look at Horned Wrack Fucus ceranoides

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Not estuarine or brackish but the sea - salt water.

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Yes, the absolute clue is just above the Limpet - a glimpse of the bladder of Bladderwrack. The elongate receptacles, on which can be seen the concepticals, are seen here - make certain you go down to Fucus vesiculosus.