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Little Sucker

Observed: 27th April 2012 By: baal
Little Sucker

I found this fellow in the sink, I rescued it & it stuck its sucker in me. It then drowned. Is it something that has come in the window, or have I brought it back from a hostel in Dubai? Am I likely to see more?

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Could be an assassin bug - don't know if you get them out there. Related to our Damsel bugs which could easily have come in through your window.

The magic of nature is all around us - we just need to learn how to see it.

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assassin bug or most likely damsel bug

I think you are right, other pictures on the web seem like it, & when it was alive it stood with a praying mantis stance. In South America the assassin bugs bite carries Chagas disease, which if untreated will eventually kill you.

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Yes, they can carry it, actually in their poo - and if they stay and feed for a long time that can infect the puncture wound they make, so as long as you pick them off quickly it's not so bad. I got bitten by a chagas carrying species in a bat cave once but swept it off me at once and survived to tell the tale. The same cave had vampire bats (in a known rabies area), life threatening histoplasmosis fungi and venomous snakes. Not a healthy place, but fascinating all the same!

Nick Upton, naturalist and photographer.