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Red Deer

Observed: 29th June 2009 By: lpearcelpearce’s reputation in Mammalslpearce’s reputation in Mammalslpearce’s reputation in Mammals
Red Deer
Red Deer
Red Deer

The date is almost irrelevant Red Deer feed in our garden two three times a week. The one thing I have learnt is they will push through the narrowest gap and can clear 5 foot hedge from a standing jump

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Excellent photo's and what a

Excellent photo's and what a nice thing to see in your garden two or three times a week!

iSpot Biodiversity Mentor - London

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Red deer

Yes, this is a female red deer.

Are you happy having them in your garden? If not there are all sorts of scarers on the market. The most common, if you have running water, is the shishi odoshi, a Japanise deer scarer made from bamboo. It makes a random clicking noise which scares deer - for a while. There was a programme some years ago about Prince Charles' garden where it was shown he used them. You can also get sonic scarers, an expensive solution though.

Unfortunately, a game keeper friend of mine who manages a deer park has told me that none of these solutions will work for more than a few months, the deer soon become used to them. The only probable solution is to surround your garden with 10ft high deer-proof fencing, complete with electric wire. Though even this may not be enough, red deer make Steve McQueen in "The Great Escape" look like an amature when it comes to finding novel ways over a fence!

Graham Banwell

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