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What is this bug? The wood boring beetle from Malaysia?

Observed: 26th April 2012 By: Simon Vacher
Photo 26-04-2012 09 56 14 AM

A small beetle about 5mm long, with a triangular shaped body, and long antenna, with a white stripe across it's back, and barbs on it's rear.

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white patches on the antennae

white patches on the antennae separate this from the other two in this genus

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When I heard the silly press

When I heard the silly press release about the Asian longhorn, I thought it will be open season on all the native longhorns now. How many people, finding a black and white beetle with long antennae, will bother to check if it really is the alien before they kill it? Not many, I suspect. And they told people to look out for trees with big holes in, so a lot of lesser stag colonies will be going on the bonfire.