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Observed: 23rd April 2012 By: chloeldingchloelding’s reputation in Plantschloelding’s reputation in Plants
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Pleurocarp moss

These rather generic pleurocarp mosses can be tricky. This one could be Eurhynchium striatum, but you’d need to check the leaves for pleats to be certain. If they are smooth it could be Brachythecium rutabulum. Another possibility is Rhynchostegium confertum, which is like a small version of B. rutabulum It’s much easier to tell the two apart if they have capsules

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Bryophyte tag

With respect to the good folk that are/have helped you in the likely ID of this moss, I am requesting that you add the tag Bryophyte as this will act as a further aid by virtue of attracting more of those who specialise in mosses and liverworts. Thanks in advance,