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new ID guide for micro-moths

Some of you may know that Phil Sterling and Richard Lewington have been working on a new British Wildlife guide to micro-moths, with Richard's superb paintings of moths as they appear live (as seen in the popular guide to the larger moths).

The micros book is due out at the end of May, and there is a pre-publication offer available at the moment:

I'm sure this won't solve all the problems of micro-moth identification but it should certainly make it much easier to get started!



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There were previews of some of the pages from this and a discussion of the work that has gone into it at the national moth recorders conference earlier this year. Looked very impressive, my order went it as soon as it became possible to do so.

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My copy has arrived today, looks very good. Cannot wait to try it out on some real moths (there are several micros in my fridge at the moment).

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... and mine!

Got mine today, and yes it does look good. Doesn't include all the UK species but makes it very clear where and why species have been left out, and which ones can't be safely done from appearance alone. A well-thought-out approach, and beautifully illustrated.

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