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Whats this orchid?!

Observed: 23rd April 2012 By: Greendude5089Greendude5089’s reputation in PlantsGreendude5089’s reputation in Plants
An Orchid of some kind!
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Found this Orchid in a woodland near Pulborough Brooks, and I havent quite seen one with this kind of leaf structure! To my experience with Orchids, I think it could be "Lesser butterfly orchid" Or a Helleborine of some kind, but not 100% sure as of it not flowering yet, but hoping that someone could ID the leaf-structure of the Orchid to have a good idea of the type of orchid please! Thanks!

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Orchid ID response

I thought It was Butterfly Orchid of some kind as well! I knew that it could be that, beause the leaf structure has a similar appearance to this Orchid. Well...We will have to wait and see when it flowers...I just hope it dosent get completely eaten, as you can see in the pic that the orchid has been munched on quite a bit! The thing I get so excited about orchids, is finding variants or hybrids of species. Im really looking forward to these orchids flowering! There could be a really nice surprise!! Thanks for the ID help.