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A berry that needs identification!

Observed: 26th September 2011 By: Wise Old Owl

Spotted in Kent.
I have tried to identify this berry but I haven't managed so far. Does anyone know what it is?
The Wise Old Owl

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Thanks for the identification guide!

I think it looks like it's just that!

From the wise old owl!

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Could someone please also tell me....

.....the commonly used name for this plant?
Thank you!

From the wise old owl!

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Gardeners tend to use -

the binomial name, I think. But it's sometimes also called Chinese-, Korean-, or Japanese Dogwood.

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Strawberry Dogwood

This plant is often called Strawberry Dogwood. There is another species bearing very similar fruit, namely C. capitata which is evergreen unlike C. kousa.

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Thank you both!

Thank you both for your comments!
I'm just wondering now.....is it Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Strawberry Dogwood?!

I shall do some more research and look up each name on google to see which it seems likely to be.

Of course, it could be all of these names!

From the wise old owl!