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Observed: 23rd April 2012 By: chloeldingchloelding’s reputation in Plantschloelding’s reputation in Plants

Found in a wet woodland, fairly frequent, pointed moss.

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pointy moss

Tim, i think you are right and have agreed due tot he confidence level, i'm wondering though if it may be Calliergon cordifolium, however i have never seen this (knowingly) in the field.

The reason behind this is the stem leaves which seem to have come away quite a bit, still it could just be a particularly loose bit of C. cuspidata! see what you think.

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Yes that's a good point - it could be Calliergon cordifolium (though I, also, have yet to see this species). To know for sure we'd need to be able to see if the leaves had a nerve or not. Unfortunately that does not show in these photos.

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Hair-pointed feather moss

Could this be Cirriphyllum piliferum?


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pinnate branching and abrupt thread like tip on the stem leaves which you can see in the right hand photo on enlarging, i think you may be on to a winner!

Both my and Tims suggestion lack the point which seems oh so apparent now i know it's there, i would suggest if you go past that spot again take a look and grab a clearer picture if you can?