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Skua sighting in S. Devon?

There were two large sea birds, bigger than herring gulls which were bothering some terns, fishing off the beach at Lannacombe, South Devon. After a few fruitless minutes of chasing the terns, they landed on the sea and floated for a few minutes before flying away. They were mid brown in colour with darker undersides and black edges and tips to the wings. Their behaviour suggested a skua but which one and were they migrating north? Didn't get a photo but would appreciate views of those who know about such things!



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The behaviour is skua-like,

The behaviour is skua-like, but gulls also do this sort of thing. Your description does not suggest skuas, where the obvious feature would be the white flash at the base of the primaries. 'Black edges and tips to the wings' makes them gulls in my view, and if your size estimate is correct, GBBs.



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Many thanks for your help.