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Spotted Orchid! But which one?!

Observed: 20th April 2012 By: Greendude5089Greendude5089’s reputation in PlantsGreendude5089’s reputation in Plants
Spotted Orchid! But which one?!

Found this spotted orchid at Stanmer park near Brighton, and I just need a exact ID to which type of spotted orchid this is!

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looks... common spotted to me due to the dark irregular spots. The early is only slightly spotted and the Heath is much paler and more spherical spots. Leaves only slightly folded as well. Flower would be good.

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Also, Stanmer Park is on

Also, Stanmer Park is on chalk so the Heath would not grow there. I would disagree that the Early Purple is only slightly spotted; it is variable and some individuals are heavily spotted
This could be an Early Purple.

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Orchid variants/hybrids

I think its really hard to tell, unless it flowers, as there could be hybrids/variants of many Orchid species. When the Orchid had almost flowered, I noticed some variation in pink & white colours, but wasnt ver clear as it was very slightly open, until...the very next day, the orchid flower head was GONE! But now this year it will flower, thanks to the mesh placed around, and send the pic once it does!! ;-) Thanks for the help!

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There is something strange about this Orchid! (My story)

For a few years now, ive been going to the Community farm in Stanmer Park, and for the first few years, didnt find any Orchids. But one day, Ian- who was in charge of the farm, somehow managed to discover this orchid!! What a discovery that was. It made our day. So form then on, we were keeping an eye on the orchid until it flowered, to see what species it was. Until the time it was almost just about to flower, the very next day, the flower shoot wasnt there and then we realised that was nibbled off by some kind of animal, as the rest of the flower shoot was clearly nibbled off! "Thats just great!" I thought to myself. But I didnt give up on this orchid! The actual plant was still there. But now this year, I put a mesh around the Orchid, so that whatever will want to nibble it WONT! Ha ha! Lets just hope this time, Ill get to see it fully flower without any trouble, and identify this species! So this is my story!