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Who am I

Observed: 14th March 2012 By: rittybill
Who am I

I found this footprint in a New forest enclosure between Fritham village & Holly Hatch cottage in the New Forest, Ringwood area. The track was little used by walkers & was grassy. We'd had little rain that week.

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which way up is it?

which way up is it?

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You would be better posting

You would be better posting this in 'Mammals'. Edit and choose from the drop-down list of groups. One of the mammalogists might help, but this looks to me like two prints overlapping, so the shape and features are obscured.



recording wildlife with The Recorder's Year on www.hbrg.org.uk/TRY.html.

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Dog prints

This is two prints from the same dog overlapping and walking from the top to bottom of the photograph. You can just see a hint of a triangular hind pad, indicating dog. It is old, perhaps a week or more as it has deteriated.

Graham Banwell

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