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Cork Oak (4 photos)

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Couldn't resist posting these pictures of an incredible Cork Oak tree in Osterley Park - you must touch it.

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You're absolutely right!

Hi, I used to live at Osterley Park with My boyfriend, Who worked there. This tree was just behind our home, basically in Our back garden. I can verify that it IS a Cork Oak. Here's something from the local paper about it
"A majestic oak in the heart of Osterley Park has been named as one of the 'Great Trees of London' after being voted onto a new top twenty list of beautiful and historically significant trees.
The Cork Oak in Osterley Park was awarded 'Great Tree' status by a panel of expert judges following nominations from members of the public.
The evergreen, which was planted in 1855, originates from the Mediterranean region and its valuable bark can be harvested to produce cork for wine bottles."

XX ~Cerri~

Here's the link for the whole article.

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Thanks for that!

How interesting, thank you for adding this information.

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