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Shag and Young? Fowey, Cornwall

Observed: 19th April 2012 By: David Trevan
Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Soc
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There are adults and young birds in these very distant pictures, and I'm not very sure whether they are Shags or Cormorants.
I was a long way away from them.

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I think that the steep forehead in photo 1 nails it for me.

Bill Henderson

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Thanks for your confirmation, I was a long way away from them when I spotted them and my zoom was tested to the limit!
I've never seen young ones before(birds area new interest for me but I'm trying to learn!


David J Trevan

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.... not sure - possibly white on face esp photo 3? Cant see white patch just above legs though (you would need a pic from the front/side for this). Bill quite thick as well, is there a crest? Stubby tail as well - I'm for Cormorant at the moment.

Could still be Cormorant?

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Cormorant v Shag

The absence of input from the big guns would suggest that it could be either or even both, Phalacrocorax sp.

I'm not sure I enjoyed your, "Bill quite thick as well", comment :-)


Bill Henderson

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No offence...

... shows I should look up the users profile to avoid naughties like this occurring. Humble apologies - beak next time (but probably will get shot down by big guns for not calling it a bill).

Glad that there are no bits called Graham I suppose (although there is breakfast cereal called Grahams - might happen that they could be called thick)

Sorry Bill (Cadisfly)