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as I hung about hoping to see last week's Water vole whilst holding a camera this bird would not leave me alone, annoying me as I couldn't remember if heron take w.vole (pic 3 shows w.vole platform wher I watched it washing face etc for 10mins))

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Yes they do

It is unfortunate but yes Herons do take Water Voles, I witnessed one eat a Water Vole at the London Wetland Centre a couple of weeks ago.

In his talk at the show over the weekend Simon King looked at the prey of the Peregrines hunting over the LWC. Carcases included Ring-necked Parakeet which I doubt anyone will lose sleep over, Coots – oh well there is plenty of them too but also included Woodcock and a female kingfisher. Nature is truly red in tooth and claw.



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there's almost a kilometer of

there's almost a kilometer of ditch to choose and I've just come past now and that heron is on the exact spot, standing right beside the vole platform pictured. The only reason he was two or three yards along on saturday was because I was there first!
Fortunately perhaps, when I did see the vole the week before it was getting dark, with no heron there, so they may have learned like the few remaining rabbits to become nocturnal/crepuscular in their habits

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