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Sessile Oak in Stoke Woods?

Observed: 22nd April 2012 By: ar8922
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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This is from a large (girth 4.32m) and possibly ancient Oak tree in Stoke Woods. I suspect this is Sessile Oak but would really appreciate confirmation from an expert or two?

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Tim, many thanks for the response. I might well be wrong about this but aren't the leaf stalks too long and the veins too hairy for Pedunculate? Collins guide suggests stalks of 5mm or less for Pedunculate but 10-25mm for Sessile.

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Thanks Graeme, I did wonder about a hybrid but wasn't sure what specific details to look for. I'll try and return to the scene in the next few weeks and will also include a bark shot next time.

I suspect this is probably the oldest tree in Stoke Woods, so I'd like to be sure about the identification.

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Too young to tell for sure,

Too young to tell for sure, still think robur but get some mature leaves from sunlit branches and submit them again later. Suspicius of hairiness on young leaves (petraea has hairy leaf surfaces as well as veins)

Tim Rich