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Observed: 6th April 2012 By: chantedsnicker
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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A mouse who regularly visits our bird feeder and particularly likes the suet balls places on the dry stone walls.
I id it from my Collins guide as a wood mouse, lovely chesnut brown colouring on the head and back.

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Thanks Gill. Unfortunately I

Thanks Gill. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a look at the tail as he was always partically obscured by the stones.

The fur stood out to me as being fairly reddish - it was one of the features I used to ID. The photo doesn't particularly do the colouring justice.

I have a second picture I'll try and add (I wasn't aware you could add more than one, until I saw someone had done so a moment ago), it shows the side of the head better.

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they will be living in the wall,I have had a family of them living in my drystone wall for years and they too have a preference for the suet balls they don't do any harm and a lovely to watch.


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Bank vole?

The fur does look very red in the second photo, so more likely bank vole but I can't be sure.

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