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Observed: 16th April 2012 By: Ron Hill

Found this egg (cold) mostly buried in the earth in a plant pot in my back garden. It measures 5.7 x 4 cms and is a light greyish green colour with a faint brownish mottle. We are located approximately 70Metres from Craiglockhart Pond in Edinburgh which has swans, mallards, moorhens, coots, tufted ducks and goosanders. A fox occasionally visits our garden. I replaced the egg with a chicken's egg but it hasn't been disturbed since.

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Identification of egg?

I have looked up the following website, and it says a wood pidgeon's egg is 41mm x 30mm. My egg is 57mm x 40mm. Looking at the size of a wood pigeon and the size of my egg, I think a wood pigeon would be 'hard pushed' to lay this egg.

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Hopefully an expert will see it and be able to come up with an id for you


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Mallard Possibly

The BTO give the size for a Mallard’s egg as 57x41mm ( Interesting you mention a Fox, they are known to stash eggs.



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Mallard Possibly

Not sure if I've got the hang of iSpot yet but thank you for your help. If it does involve a fox it will be interesting to see if he shows an interest in the chicken's egg.

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probably not wood pigeon

wood pigeon eggs are generally 3o x 40mm, woodpigeon eggs are white, mallard eggs fit better to the description