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Help with bird identification

Observed: 4th April 2012 By: ms6752
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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This bird flew acorss a large pond area over large reeds and into a hedge. As it flew by I would describe it as a small bird which looked very much like a tit, the colour appeared to be black and white and looked quite stripey, but it flew by very quick.

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Is there a picture?

It would really help; the description doesn't quite sound like a coal tit though.

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Hi Simon, sorry I was unable

Hi Simon, sorry I was unable to get a photo as it flew by too quick and I am rubbish at photography. I had a good look through my bird guide book and the picture I found most like was that of a coal tit, it was quite hard to see though as the bird was in flight.

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I doubt confirmation will be possible

The description doesn't really give enough to go on I'm afraid. I would think that a Coal Tit could possibly be described this way - the habitat doesn't really sound ideal though.
My first suggestion for a small bird that looked black and white, and was seen in the described habitat, would probably be Reed Bunting (they are a bit bigger than tits though).

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Possibly, I am only a

Possibly, I am only a beginner when it comes to birds, and wildlife! However I have looked at some pictures of Reed Buntings and it didn'tseem to look like that, although I am only going on a few pictures I've looked at. It was flighing across a small pool of water with reeds in and into a bush, however the surrounding area were fields with plenty of trees around? It was deinately a small bird and the only colours I could see were black and white. Sorry if this doesn't help, and thanks for help.

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One that got away!

one thing that you'll soon learn with wildlife, is that many things don't stay around long enough for you to see all the features you need to - this is even more of a problem when you start out, because you often won't know which features you should be looking for!

It does get easier as you learn more though.

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I Agree With Roy There!

Widlife has an astonishing ability to wait until you're just lining up your scope/binouculars/camera, then disappear at the crucial moment. It gets easier though, as you get your eye in. Perserverance is the key!