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Help with a bird

Observed: 4th April 2012 By: ms6752
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I caught a quick glimpse of this bird before it flew up high in the tree. My camera isn't the best and this was the only photo I managed to get. Before it flew up I noticed it looked coloured a greyish blue colour from afar, somewhere between the size of a blackbird and crow, although I was quite far away so I am guessing a bit but it was definately bigger than a blackbird.

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Have you considered Jackdaw as a possibility? The size would be right and the habitat is right.


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Did you hear it call?

The picture is not very clear - but both these species have distinctive calls and if you can describe the call, this may help identify your sighting.

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It was like a short sharp

It was like a short sharp squork, thats all I wrote down if thats any help, it was quite loud. My husband has now told me he thinks it was a jackdaw also. It only made a few sounds before it flew in the tree.

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I downloaded your photo...

to my computer and tried to enhance it with Photoshop enough to make a firm identification, but there just isn't the detail there to enhance. It could be either. Jackdaws call, "Jack! Jack!" Does that sound familiar? The Jay is more of a squawk.

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I have no doubt this is a jackdaw. Having downloaded the picture and rotated it the right way up it can only be this on jizz alone.

Simon I think the reason Photoshop fails is because it is a black bird, that is a jackdaw. I can bring up the branch the bird is perched on reasonably well though which would suggests the bird would come up too if it had any colour. I do think it is just possible to make out the contrast between the mask and the rest of the face on the enhanced image.



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I'm sure it is a Jackdaw

I couldn't make out the mask myself, and I fiddled about with it quite a lot of stuff, lighting, shading, contrast, brightness, colour, gamma, the lot. But if you start with an image like this, really you're on as hiding to nothing. Still, we all like a challenge, don't we, and it's always possible it may be a useful exercise in learning a bit more about how Photoshop works...