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Tibellus oblongus?

Observed: 21st April 2012 By: HawkHoneyHawkHoney’s reputation in InvertebratesHawkHoney’s reputation in Invertebrates
Tibellus oblongus

Found during a sweep of some long grass. Patterning in field guide differs slightly from specimen, so not sure. Can anyone give a positive ID?

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It's certainly a Tibellus. Can you ID it to oblongus from a photo with certainty?

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Thank you

That's why I'm asking?

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I don't think it can be

I don't think it can be separated from maritimus from a photo but factors like habiatat might give a good clue. See Nick Upton's comments here -

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I agree with Nick, the

I agree with Nick, the habitat it was found in would suggest that it is T. oblongus. Although I understand the reasoning behind dissecting, I find it quite strange in this day and age of conservation that we are supposed to kill the species to ID them correctly.