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Did I see a Black Grouse?

Observed: 13th April 2012 By: acowensacowens’s reputation in Birdsacowens’s reputation in Birds

I was driving through Aberdovey Mid Wales Last Friday and in a rough pasture field at the bottom of a valley I saw a black bird with a distinctive red patch. As I was driving I could not get a really good look at it but the only thing it looked like was a black grouse. The picture attached was not the bird I saw I don't have a picture unfortunately. Does anyone know of this species being in that area or if there is anything else it could have been.

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As this is not the bird you

As this is not the bird you saw, it is a bit difficult to answer your question. They are in that area, but your description does not exclude a melanistic Pheasant. See These are not unusual. Unless you saw the lyre-tail, or the white under the tail, I think it has to be unconfirmed.



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Unlikely to be Black Grouse.

I believe that there are very few Black Grouse remaining in that part of Wales, and these are (or were) a bit further west than Aberdovey.
I would think that a melanistic Common Pheasant is by far the most likely species for the correct ID - with the next likely species being domestic Chicken!