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Swallow in the rain

First Swallow back today flying low in the pouring rain,anyone else spotted them back yet.Have had a look from last year and it is exactly the same date 21st April as last year even though the weather is not as warm this year.,area Simonburn, Hexham, Northumberland



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Origin 5th Dec
Not much joy is there, Sheila, in these regional posts?
I am on a crusade to make them live again.
My idea is to persuade people to make a Sighting, or short Summary, of the Month.
See Scotland for my start, Wales for an uplifting debate and London for Jiggs' news.

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I don't understand why people don't look at them as the area is quite large so there is surly more than just me in the North. I think it's good to post what's happening as it help's us understand our environment but I tend to just end up speaking to myself on this regional forum and I do add comments to other regions too.I will be doing one for January but did not go out on new years day as the hunt was out,then they were out shooting yesterday so hope all the wildlife survived as it is not something I agree with.I hope to get out next week and do my monthly report.


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I agree Regional Forums don't

I agree Regional Forums don't seem to be very active. I put up a few posts on 'Wales' but not many others do. Even Wales Mentor is not active often - appreciate this is voluntary postion

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