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Hungarian Speedwell

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Speedwell, Hungarian
Speedwell, Hungarian (1)

Tall flower heads with pairs of leaves with saw toothed edges. Very long stamens.

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me and....

.. Veronica don't do well - will leave this to the experts.

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A confusion is possible

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Don't understand, please

Don't understand, please explain where the confusion lies - I am quite happy to accept any suggestions.

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The website link givesUne

The website link gives
Une confusion est aussi possible avec Veronica chamaedrys Linné dont la tige porte deux lignes de poils et chez qui le calice n'a que quatre sépales.

Which I take to mean:
A confusion is also possible between V. chamaedrys of which the stem has two lines of hairs and the calyx has only 4 sepals.

I spent quite a while looking and the pictures and thought that I could only see 4 sepals. But Flora Europaea says this is a not a reliable character as the 5th sepal may be very small.

According to FL the key couplet (Vol 3, p. 342) is

8 Leaves 1- to 2-pinnatisect with linear segments ... V austriaca agg.

8 Leaves entire to pinnatifid ... lots of others

I am not confident that I can interpret this is terms of what the picture shows, so I remain in doubt.

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Thanks again Martin - I think

Thanks again Martin - I think this one is going to be difficult to identify.
One thing for certain, the leaves are not pinnatisect in my photo but neither are they in a lot of other images purporting to be V austriaca... (In fact I don't think the one's in your Bescancon link are)
However they are very different from the regular form shown by V. chamaedrys.
Another point is that as well Hungarian, other web sites name Veronica austriaca subsp. teucrium as Braodleaf, Creeping and Large, so there seems to be confusion all round.
Once again more photos needed!