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Isolated red grouse

Observed: 12th April 2012 By: Nic BullivantNic Bullivant’s reputation in BirdsNic Bullivant’s reputation in Birds

Male red grouse, called and flew

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Go-back, Go-back, Go-back to your description

Hi Nic

I know you are likely to have seen a Red Grouse (of which you are very familiar from your work on Cairngorm) in Glen Cluanie, but you have not described the call, so it will not be possible to confirm what you have seen / heard. All we know is that you have heard a familiar call, but we don't know what that call sounded might be a cuckoo's call which is familiar too. If your non-photographed sightings are to be agreed/verified by others and included in the i-spot database, you must provide details which will allow others to be satisfied what you are reporting from the evidence provided, which in this record is not really sufficient.

Without a photo a description of the bird and the call would be useful.

I hope this constructive criticism is helpful

Best wishes


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Red grouse call

Thanks, yes, the call was the male red grouse territorial call, approximating to g-back, g-back, and some cautionary gurglings after it landed.
It was not possible to provide a satisfactory photograph as it was too far away. It was, however, a red grouse in size, shape and colour, and behaved as I would expect a red grouse to do when moving around its territory when disturbed by a person walking past.
The only reason for commenting on its presence was to note that, though scarce in the West, there are locations for red grouse, which will add to the general picture of its distribution.