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Anyone know what this is?

Observed: 4th September 2010 By: Raine

There were 3 or 4 of these plants where cattle were grazing in grassland between patches of woodland in the newforest. Thorns and leaves like a rose or bramble but a very different flower - pink mossy cotton wool type appearance. Or is this the seed head maybe? Any ideas? I love plants but am strictly amateur so this might be obvious to some of you. The plants were around 8-12 inches high when we saw them.

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you need to put this into the invertebrate section as it is a gall which has many chambers and each on has a single gall wasp grub in it.The plant is a wild rose and it will do no real damage to it.


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This is a gall produced on

This is a gall produced on roses by a tiny wasp (D. rosae as in the ID). The gall-causer is then frequently parasitised by a whole community of other wasps, so you never quite know what will eventually emerge. See http://www.bugsandweeds.co.uk/galls%20p1.html for some more info.

Because the gall is what interests you, you should edit the observation to be in 'Invertebrates'.



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Thank you

Thanks all, I've never heard of it. Off to google. Love the name.