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Cranes on the Somerset Levels

Observed: 15th October 2011 By: Nick UptonNick Upton’s reputation in BirdsNick Upton’s reputation in Birds
18 month old Common / Eurasian cranes (Grus grus) "Bart", "Christine" and "Gilbert", released by the Great Crane Project onto the Somerset Levels and Moors, calling in Barley stubble field at dawn with bustles raised as other flock members look on, Somerset, UK, October 2011.
Flock of Juvenile Common  cranes
Small flock of Juvenile Common / Eurasian cranes (Grus grus)
Juvenile Common / Eurasian crane (Grus grus)

These are some of the Cranes reared from wild eggs collected in Germany and released onto the Somerset Levels by the Great Crane Project. For more pics and background see: and

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Wonderful sight -

And well photographed.

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Many thanks Amadan - they're really special birds and I've been lucky enough to spend a lot of time around them across Europe and In the UK, both in Norfolk and Somerset.

Nick Upton, naturalist and photographer.