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Small spider

Observed: 17th April 2012 By: Max NabuccoMax Nabucco’s reputation in InvertebratesMax Nabucco’s reputation in Invertebrates

small spider hiding vertically on a hedge tree branch, body 4 - 5 mm long.

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Pictures of the two most common species, T. montana and T. extensa, don't show such distinct spots on the legs, and I wonder whether this is one of the others - maybe T. obtusa which isn't rare, lives in trees and seems to have distinct spots on its legs.

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Re: Interesting

Hi Alan & Chris, Just wanted to say Thanks for your very helpful Identifications and comments.
(I'm still getting used to this I-spot website).
I have been looking for this fellow again for better photos, to no avail, but finding other creatures (new to me) all the time. !