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Aspen Bracket ?

Observed: 16th April 2012 By: gramandy
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Aspen Bracket ?

I think this is Aspen and therefore thought this might be an old phellinus although it's all white. Really not sure. Of course, I have to have got the tree ID right as well.


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sorry cannot help on this I think it is a bit far gone,but worth looking again as some fungi reappear each year on the same tree,or area.


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... for trying thought it was a bit old - do you think it could have been this though?

Would appreciate any help that you (or anyone else that you think could help) have for a couple of others too if you wouldn't mind looking


thank you :)

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Hard subject

I think the first observation could be a very old dried out Laetiporus sulphureus (Chicken of the woods) which I have seen at this stage and it look's very similar.The first of your other observation's is probably the genus suggested but hard to say which ,there are a few thing's you could do to help with future observations If possible make a note of cap,stem size,was the cap dry,greasy,slimy ect was there a smell,colour change when bruised or cut,and habitat,also good shots of the gills stem and cap and how the gills were attached to the stem,if your feeling really adventurous take the cap home and get a spore print as that helps with id too.There are few fungi that are easy to identify by just one photo alone.The second one of Trametes versicolor ,it probably is but I would be happier if there had been a photo of the pores underneath and a close up of the bracket.I hope I have helped and not put you off fungi as they are fantastic to study and find and once you get the bug obsession takes hold



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this is...

really helpful to me. I should be able to get a pic of the gills of the turkeytail. The other I will see if they are still around and record all of the detail that you require.

Cheers Shiela


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..added pore for turkeytail and bracket side view - hope this helps for positive ID :)